Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

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Kif is frequently use for the the hashish.Buy Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash Online. In the West, kif is often use for the special Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash. When the milder leaves are use, this is called “habisha”, which would resemble marijuana.

Taste of Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash:

The taste of Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash is usually sweet with a smooth feel on the tongue. it’s the kind of flavor the taste buds enjoy. Can be a very resinous hash.


Look for a good buzz. Nothing super special immediate like shatter glass rig hits. You’ll still be happy for the price.


10 Grams, 17 Grams, 25 Grams

3 reviews for Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

  1. Devid

    works perfect and you don’t have to replace the chip like other places

  2. Patricia M. Watson

    Good quality

  3. Jesse Powell

    Great product quality and selection, fast shipping, friendly customer service!

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