Keeping You Secured Is Our Priority

Kindly take out time to read through. It will help you to differentiate a secure online shop from an unsecured one.


A lot of Online Weed Stores evolving nowadays but knowing the best and secured one is the big question. Most online weed shops will tell you how they use SSL encryption to protect your data meanwhile they don’t. Note that each page over the internet is operated upon with HTTP:// but a secure page uses https://

So, here is how to know which website is true and if it protects your online data or not…

Type https:// in front of the domain name in your URL bar and hit ENTER. If a green lock does not appear on the left side of the URL bar highlighting the “https” in green after the page loads, I will advise you NOT to send sensitive information about you through that website because it does NOT provide any form of a “Secure COMODO RSA SSL end-to-end encryption”.

Your connection with us(, is encrypted using a modern cipher suite and TLS 1.2. It is encrypted and authenticated using AES_256_GCM and uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Meaning every information you sent to us is out of reach for hackers and it’s only read by us. No third party involved.

Now that you know what a secure website is, take another online weed shop address you know, add (https://) in front of the domain name and see the result for yourself, then I bet you will immediately exit from there and bookmark our page for your daily, weekly or monthly purchases.

Do You Have Social Network Plugins Installed?

A Few Social Network Plugins Disabled!

Some of our social network plugins have been disabled for security reasons. This is so because they come with a lot of stealth tracking background services that creates logs of everything you do online. The only Social network plugins installed on our website are those that our expert team has devised means of halting the embedded trackers hence protecting you the customer and us the firm. We highly recommend live-chat or contact form to make inquiries, or you call/text us directly using the number on the top right corner of our site.

With some of the Social Network plugins uninstalled and with the installation of a javascript based client SSL lets encrypt SSL encryption technology, Security for our customers and our Team is guaranteed!

So, here is the big secret: A lot of deliveries goes through the US Postal system. We have put time and effort into creating a system to have these fine medical products delivered to your door safely.

Believe it or not, we have “connections” that is beyond your imagination.

Bribery to get connections? (Of course, everyone has a price!).

Our entire online ordering process encrypts your entire data with javascript based client lets encrypt SSL encryption technology. This means that no one else will be able to read any info sent to us, except us. That’s why it is termed “end-to-end encryption”. We do not keep any records of clients after a confirmed delivery have been made. Once your delivery shows up in our system as “Received” or “Picked-Up” or once we have confirmation from you, all your information with us are digitally “shredded” automatically. Even your account (if you created one). But we will like to retain your email address to occasionally send you important updates and news about our site (unless you ask us not to).

For your security and ours, payments are made through various anonymous methods which are completely safe, anonymous and untraceable. Your cash is turned into bitcoin, an anonymous and untraceable digital currency hence, there is no traceable financial transaction between our clients and us. We also accept WU and MG for those reluctant to do bitcoins. We can as well accept Gift Cards for those below 18 years or any other anonymous payments best suited and proposed by our clients. However, you need to Contact Us to inquire if we will be able to accept your desired method of payments.

*Remember; “Cash On Delivery” is STRICTLY not an option. In this line of business, the “Money and the Risk” stick together like glue.

Our handling experts will make sure that all items being shipped to you are D-V sealed to ensure a completely odorless package. Our shippers have been shipping for years and know how to make a parcel blend in with others.

Every Client is important to us that is why we handle your online security seriously! and we believe that a client treated right will obviously refer many others to us. One customer is many customers.

All of the information you just read is enough to keep 99%+ packages out of the hands of law enforcement. However, contents can be discovered occasionally if not rubber wrapped. Perhaps a package is punctured or you have some errant postal employee opening packages they shouldn’t be. What do they do when they find few grams of weed in a package? Best case scenario is that they just throw it away or sneak it home and smoke it! and the Worst case scenario they call the cops.

Now at this point, the only way the cops are going to bang on you is if they do a “controlled delivery”. This is where a cop delivers the package to your door and says you need to sign for it which could get you into some trouble. We recommend that you should NEVER sign for a package. You can pretend that you weren’t expecting a delivery and for that reason, you will keep it without signing until your sender calls you. They CAN’T and will NOT bust you just for getting a package in your mailbox or refusing to sign for a parcel which you “weren’t” expecting. Otherwise, anyone could get anyone else in trouble by mailing them drugs and dropping a dime. So if you’re feeling nervous just remember never to sign for a package.

However, it is extremely unlikely for cops to get this far. To do a controlled delivery requires a fair amount of energy and money. Every law enforcement unit has limited amounts of these and it’s very unlikely to spend it on someone getting a few grams of weed in the mail. Their overall drug policy is to go after dealers, the bigger the better. Sure they’re happy to bust dealers when they come across them but they are not spending their budget on trying to entrap a small-time pot smoker. By the way, this should not trouble you at all because in cases where we anticipate high risk, we ship to our agents (hence your delivery details are not included) who are close to you, meaning even if there is a tear in the package, your delivery information is protected (That of our agent will be the visible one) but this service comes with a fee($200). So, we take all the risk for you because we know our way out within seconds if busted. Now, when our agent receives your order after by-passing all the risk, that is when we send your delivery information securely to our agents and he/she rubber-wraps the parcel and will then do a local delivery to you, or drop your parcel at a close-by location(within 100 meters) and tell you how to find it. Note that we have at least 2 agents in every US States and a randomly dispersed number in every continent. We are bigger than you think! Also, where we anticipate high risk, we D-V Seal your parcel again and do an “elastic rubber wrapping” which will prevent parcels from any form of abrasion or tear.

If after reading this you still don’t feel secure, then when you receive your package don’t open it for two days. Just put it on the table. In the unlikely event that there’s a knock on your door, you can plausibly claim you have no idea what is in the package. Of course, this scenario is really not very likely to happen but if you want to cover all bases there you go. We wouldn’t expose all our methods here for security and safety reasons. Just make your purchase and let us do the rest.

Over 98% of our deliveries arrive successfully. Out of the majority of parcels that didn’t arrive at all was as a result of wrong addresses or packages being intercepted by family members etc. On rare occasions do we have parcels “lost in the mail”. Since our years of operation, we’ve never had one report of anyone getting into any kind of trouble using our service! GIVE IT A TRY!!! Shop Now!!!